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Assembly - Maintenance - Lubrication

  1. Supports
  2. Layout of supports
  3. Spacing between rollers
  4. Auges
  5. Other rules to observe
  6. Lower rolls
  7. Points of fall

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Assembly - Maintenance - Lubrication


2°/ Layout of supports

A second rule to be observed is to maintain a complete and permanent contact between the strip and the LIMBEROLLER® discs, both empty and loaded. The choice of belt therefore also great importance.

disposition des supports

Failure to observe this rule results in rapid, cone-shaped wear of the outer wafers and the roll-out of service. To ensure that the conveyor belt correctly fits the LIMBEROLLER® trough shape on an existing installation, proceed as follows :

a) Increase the distance between the supports generally from 0.30 to 0.60 m compared to the practical distances with conventional metal rollers. (See paragraph below).

distance par rapport aux rouleaux

b) Raise brackets too low, using thickness shims until proper contact is obtained.

surélever les supports

Obviously, operations a and b can be combined.




The Limberoller 7 important features =>

rouleaux polyurethane rouleaux caoutchouc

resistant anticolmatant nombre de rouleaux reduit centrage aux alimentations centrage des brins de retour chargement en auge profonde rapidité de montage et de demontage