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Assembly - Maintenance - Lubrication

  1. Supports
  2. Layout of supports
  3. Spacing between rollers
  4. Auges
  5. Other rules to observe
  6. Lower rolls
  7. Points of fall

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PDF Documentations

documentation Limberoller


Limberoller PUD

documentation Limberoller PUD




Limberoller® with unclogging discs polyurethan white (Limberoller PUD).

This type of Limberoller® exist since more than 30 years but the tool for manufacturing the polyurethan as disappeared because compagny who manufacture this unclogging disc has bankrupt.

That's why this special model was stop since fews years...

We have realize new tool for manufacture agin this Limberoller® with unclogging polyurethan discs (and nominate it PUD) and we have show it to the exisbition SIM 2013 in Besançon (France).

Limberoller à disques décolmatant

This model has few advantages :

  • High abrasion resistance (5 to 7 times more than neoprene)
  • Self cleaning (due to disc flexibility under conveyor belt load)
  • Resistance to chemical attack
  • Ideal for food conveyor (due to white colour and non-toxicity of discs)

disques décolmatant

Under the pressure of the belt, this cut outs crush the material and eject it (ideal for eliminate clogging).

Limberoller special decolmatant

this Limberoller still exist...

galet decolmatant

We still have customer who have this model in place since 30 years but, it was not always easy to take pictures of the Limberoller when he will be under the belt.

If you are using this model or if you know where there is in place, please contact us and we reserved a surprise for you.

You have this Limberoller® and you can send us pictures or movie, don't hesitate and we will be happy to add it on our website.


ps : Limberoller® is a quality product, there is a lot of copy exept this model !

Limberoller décolmatant

Limberoller décolmatant


Limberoller PUD documentation

Limberoller PUD



The Limberoller 7 important features =>

rouleaux polyurethane rouleaux caoutchouc

resistant anticolmatant nombre de rouleaux reduit centrage aux alimentations centrage des brins de retour chargement en auge profonde rapidité de montage et de demontage