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Assembly - Maintenance - Lubrication

  1. Supports
  2. Layout of supports
  3. Spacing between rollers
  4. Auges
  5. Other rules to observe
  6. Lower rolls
  7. Points of fall

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Limberoller PUD

documentation Limberoller PUD


The LIMBEROLLER® 7 important features


important features limberoller

Whether you choose LIMBEROLLER Polyurethane or rubber, with plastics or iron hooks, discover the 7 important features for the LIMBEROLLER®

avantage 1 Resistant
avantage 2 Elimination of material build-up
avantage 3 Saving in number of idlers used
avantage 4 Belt centering at feeding point
avantage 5 Belt return tracking
avantage 6 Deep trough loading
avantage 7 Quick installation and removal





The Limberoller 7 important features =>

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resistant anticolmatant nombre de rouleaux reduit centrage aux alimentations centrage des brins de retour chargement en auge profonde rapidité de montage et de demontage