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Assembly - Maintenance - Lubrication

  1. Supports
  2. Layout of supports
  3. Spacing between rollers
  4. Auges
  5. Other rules to observe
  6. Lower rolls
  7. Points of fall

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documentation Limberoller


Limberoller PUD

documentation Limberoller PUD


Insist on the LIMBEROLLER® Original!


Many sell "garland rollers" that bear their garland names but have nothing to do with Limberoller® even if the look can be confusing ...

faux limberoller

Some do because they pretend to make you economies with a model cheaper than the Limberoller® (but which hold 5 to 8 times less), others think that the actualLimberoller® are not as solid as 'Before and well NO ! The Limberoller® is always manufactured with the same rigor since 1949 and with the materials of qualities that made its success!

How to recognize the true from the false ?

The fake Limberoller®:

First none of the Limberoller® imitations have the cable that is the masterpiece of the roller and hides all the secrets of its success.

If you have not bought an original Limberoller®, here is the risk of ending your "garland": it gets sticky and a twist begins then the cable tears to the bottom of the box (the hook) like the picture below.

rouleaux guirlande

And when the cable tears, the roll falls
This type of cable below has nothing to do with a Limberoller® ...

rouleaux guilande

When the discs (or rollers) are molded on the cable:
This is not a Limberoller®

rouleau guirlande

A bearing is getting sick, the discs are molded and ... Here is what happens just before the cable breaks.


Cables held by circlips?
They are not Limberoller®


Actually at first glance this looks like, but when you look better there is nothing to see, no comparison possible !

If your garland rollers do not offer you full satisfaction, ask about the original and you will avoid many problems ...

rouleaux souples

The Limberoller® :

Each element of the Limberoller® is patented worldwide, which is why the other garland rollers that we have shown you before are not identical and tend to devalue the exceptional product that is The Limberoller® !

  • Nature of the cable constituting the core :

The cable we use is very special. It has characteristics of flexibility, durability and torsional strength that our main competitor (Cintrol) can not get !

This cable was developed only for Limberoller®

cable limberoller

  • Cable crimping :

We use a rotary crimper which avoids the strain hardening of the cable and allows a uniform tightening; This is not the case with our competitors.

  • Hooks cast iron :

Our housings are made of malleable cast iron and not of gray cast iron.

The thread of the closing cover is made by machining and not by molding as is the case with our main competitor; This avoids the risk of seizing when dismantling.

Our hooks are all marked with the number of the mold (40 152 for the small and 40 154 for the big ones). Over the years you have seen different brands on

Joy, EM (Equipement Minier), Secoma, LOR TP, and now S.A.E.F.

Castings 40 152 for the small model

boitier fonte 40152

Castings 40 154 for the large model

boitiers fonte 40154

  • Hooks thermoplastic bearings:

Manufactured with a fiber-reinforced polyamide resistant to extreme temperatures (thermal deformation from -30 ° C to + 30 ° C). You can find them in Blue and other colors in black. They have the EM mark affixed to the side.

Now we distribute them of blue color as originally but marked S.A.E.F. And the hook number.

hook 40 189 for the small model

boîtier 40 189

hook 40 194 for the big model

boitiers plastique 40194

  • Holding discs on the cable :

Our discs are held on the cable by tightening : this requires a special machine mounting.

Concerning Curvipack garlands, the rollers are threaded on a cable coated with a hexagonal shaped rubber coating.

(As shown in the photo opposite)

The rollers are free on the cable; Which does not guarantee good overall performance.

galet curvipack

The discs for the Limberoller® are available in 2 diameters (76 and 89)

They are thus presented
(Left to right: PU / unclogging with PU disc / neoprene rubber disc)

galets limberoller

  • Sizes :

We are the only ones to offer such a wide range of dimensions, give you the possibility to choose different qualities of rollers (discs).

  • Neoprene rubber discs (diameters 76 and 89)
  • Polyurethane discs (diameters 76 and 89)
  • Unclogging polyurethane discs (diameters 76)

Some products that are not Limberoller®:

  • Flexiroll Garland
  • Curvipack Garland
  • Gurflex Garland
  • Cintrol Garland
  • Inbi Garland
  • etc.

May be encountering this kind of problems listed above.

You doubt that you have real Limberoller® or copies?

Contact-us !



The Limberoller 7 important features =>

rouleaux polyurethane rouleaux caoutchouc

resistant anticolmatant nombre de rouleaux reduit centrage aux alimentations centrage des brins de retour chargement en auge profonde rapidité de montage et de demontage