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Assembly - Maintenance - Lubrication

  1. Supports
  2. Layout of supports
  3. Spacing between rollers
  4. Auges
  5. Other rules to observe
  6. Lower rolls
  7. Points of fall

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Assembly - Maintenance - Lubrication


7°/ Points of fall

It is very advantageous to use LIMBEROLLER® under the drop points because, because of their flexibility, these rollers avoid the punching of the belt by the products and prolong the life of the latter.

However, in order to obtain good results, certain precautions must be taken :

  1. Bring the rollers closer together so that they do not overload them. However, the gauge should not be less than 0.30 m.
  2. Do not drop products too high, so provide enough deflectors.
  3. Maintain the surroundings of the points of fall in perfect state of cleanliness.
  4. It may be interesting to adopt a deeper trough at the points on the belt and avoid overturning always detrimental.


Maintenance of the LIMBEROLLER® is practically nil, simply checking from time to time that a modification of the conveyor infrastructure does not alter the previously stated rules and keep the installation clean.


The hooks fixed to the ends of the LIMBEROLLER® and bearing the bearings are normally lubricated for life with a grease whose main characteristics are given below.

The grease used is ESSO BEACON 2 or SHELL ALVANIA 2.

The filling of the cases must be almost total to avoid the phenomenon of respiration of the cases due to the changes of temperatures.

After a certain period of service, and if operating conditions so require, the grease load can be renewed after careful cleaning of the parts and the interior of the hooks.


The grease used is, for the ESSO brand, BEACON 2, the average characteristics of which are given in the table below:


Penetration at 25°

drop point Viscosity of the base oil
(Engler at 50° C)
Soap base
not worked worked
BEACON 2 269 270 185 7,4 Lithium

It is a grease for bearings with buttery texture and short fibers, very homogeneous in structure, outperforming lithium-based greases.

For continuous use it can be used between -30 ° and + 125 ° C, with the possibility of occasional temperatures of -42 ° and + 160 ° C.

NOTE : When LIMBEROLLER® rollers are used in humidity-saturated atmospheres, use a lime grease such as ESSO KAZAR K1.



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